Frequently asked Questions

What is muscle monitoring?

Muscle monitoring is a simple and non-invasive feedback mechanism which helps to access information from your body during your Kinesiology session.  It allows me to identify any stressors, imbalances or blockages you may be experiencing and gather information on your physical, emotional, mental and energetic state.

The process involves applying gentle pressure to a muscle (usually your left arm) and identifying whether there is a change or loss in muscle strength.  This ‘weakness’ in the muscle is not a sign you need to hit the gym, rather it indicates there is stress on your system in response to a particular stimulus.  Muscle monitoring helps take the guess work out of your session and provides a more specific and tailored approach to what your body needs.

What happens during a Kinesiology session?

Our first session together will begin by reviewing your client history form as we dive deeper into your health and wellness history to ascertain how you are feeling now, what you would like to achieve and identify any challenges you may be facing.  It is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better, so you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable.

Following our chat, you will lie fully clothed on the treatment table and I will use gentle muscle monitoring to identify the priority issues for that session and locate any stress or imbalance in your body.  I use a variety of non-invasive correction techniques to bring your body back into balance including acupressure points, neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular points, energy healing, chakra balancing, Australian Bush Flower essences and meridians … just to name a few!

Once the ‘balance’ component of the session is complete, we will review what has come up for you during the session, answer any questions you may have and discuss whether there is anything you could do in your daily life which may assist you in reaching your goals.

The overall process of a kinesiology balance is very gentle and supportive.

What do I wear for my appointment?

It is recommended to wear comfortable and flexible clothes as I may need to conduct some muscle tests during the session which involve lifting or moving your legs and arms, however this is not essential.  I usually ask clients to remove their shoes prior to getting onto the treatment table.

How will I feel after my Kinesiology session?

Each client’s experience is different, as it depends on what we have covered during the session.  Some clients immediately feel more relaxed, calm and energised, with many clients describing a sense of ‘lightness’ or ‘relief’ after their session.

Yet some clients feel quite emotional or ‘heavy’, or experience headaches and tiredness for around 24-48 hours post-session.  This can be due to the body shifting energy, releasing unwanted toxins, integrating the healing process or adjusting to a new way of thinking and feeling.

Some clients don’t notice any significant change as it may take a few days for the balance to integrate, or there may be subtle changes happening in the background.

There isn’t a right or wrong way of feeling, however if you have any concerns after your session please get in touch!

How many sessions will it take?

This depends on the individual and the issues you are experiencing.

It is usually recommended to complete a series of 3-5 sessions over a period of a few months for a greater transformation.  This allows us to peel back the layers, dig a bit deeper and ensure we uncover and resolve the root cause of your issue.  Chronic issues and behaviour patterns which have been unresolved for many years may require additional sessions, whilst less complex issues may only need 2-3 sessions to clear the underlying stress in your body.

Kinesiology can also be used as a preventative measure for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, so clients often book in for a regular monthly session.

Does Kinesiology replace conventional medicine and treatment?

No.  As a Kinesiologist I do not diagnose or treat any named diseases, nor do I prescribe medication or supplements.  However, Kinesiology may assist with identifying and resolving possible underlying causal factors and symptoms.

Can I claim my appointment at Soul Flourish on my private health insurance?

Unfortunately, private health cover is not available for services offered at Soul Flourish at this time.