Kinesiology for Dogs

Before Lola came into my life, I had painted a beautifully perfect picture in my mind.  We would go everywhere together, be at the beach running freely every weekend and she would be obedient, calm and well-behaved.  I was prepared to put in the hours and hard work, so I felt very confident this would happen.

Aaaah, no!!

Lola turned my tidy, structured and organised world upside down.  She was over-excitable, erratic and extremely challenging which left me feeling confused, overwhelmed and bewildered.  She was rejected from dog training, diagnosed with severe hyperarousal and I was left wondering whether I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

But one thing I knew for certain was that my love for Lola was strong and we were meant to be together, so I would do whatever I could for us to live a long and happy life together.

In my search for answers, I discovered Kinesiology.  The Animal Kinesiologist worked with both Lola and I together, which not only benefited Lola’s behavioural issues, it also helped me to recognise how my energy and emotions were impacting her, and to identify the life lessons Lola was here to teach me.

My little ‘teaching dog’ helped me let go of the ideal of perfectionism and gave me the strength and courage to break down barriers and overcome my insecurities.

In order to help Lola, I needed to help myself … which is what ultimately led me here!


How can Kinesiology help dogs?

Mandy Neller of Soul Flourish

Animals are very responsive to Kinesiology as they don’t have the same level of built-up stress and emotional baggage as people do.  Given the bond and deep connection you share with your dog, if there is something going on for your dog, it is usually going on for you too.  They are your emotional mirror, so Kinesiology sessions provide a fabulous insight into how you may be influencing each other’s emotions and behaviours, and what you can learn from each other.

As with humans, Kinesiology for your dog helps to release stress and emotional tension to bring their body back into balance, allowing their natural healing ability to take place.  Kinesiology can help to identify the underlying emotions driving their behaviours and can address your dog’s physical pain, anxiety/fear, digestive issues, behavioural problems and so much more.


How are the sessions conducted?

I am unable to see dogs in clinic, therefore I conduct all sessions remotely.

Distance sessions are just as effective as if the animal is physically present as we are working with their energy.  The additional benefits are that your dog can remain relaxed and calm at home in their most comfortable environment and you do not need to be present with your dog at the time of the session.

Prior to your dog’s first session you will provide me with a recent photo of your dog and complete a case history form, so I can gain an understanding of the issues your dog may be facing.  I will connect to your dog’s energy through their photo which will enable me to be their surrogate.  In each session I also incorporate you, the owner, to enable a deeper level of healing and increase the likelihood of uncovering the root cause of your dog’s issues.

During the Kinesiology balance I send Reiki energy to your dog which will enhance the healing process.

The entire session is conducted remotely and then I will contact you to discuss the results over the telephone.