Personalised Coaching sessions

These one-on-one coaching sessions allow me to work alongside you to create your own wellness vision and to support you in developing strategies for change.  Together we will create a customised action plan, tailored specifically to your personal interests, values and preferences.

I will provide personalised support, guidance and inspiration, giving you the opportunity to flourish.

Discovery session

30 minutes - Complimentary

Let’s have a chat about your current health and wellness concerns, where you would love to be and how I can best support you to reach your goals.  This session will allow you to discover whether my coaching is the right fit for you and for me to answer any questions you may have.

Initial session

60 minutes - $90

During our first session we will dive deeper into your health and wellness history to ascertain where you are now, what you would like to achieve and identify any barriers which may be preventing you from moving forward.  We will work together to create your own wellness vision, set some achievable goals and develop an action plan to get you started.  We will go over your habits, likes, dislikes, routines and commitments so we can personally tailor a program to suit you, ensuring we focus on what you enjoy most and set goals and actions aligned with your vision.

Follow-up sessions

45 minutes - $70

These sessions provide continued support, motivation and accountability and can be booked as often as you feel is needed. We will check on your progress, celebrate your successes and continue to build and develop your action plan.  As your journey unfolds, we will ensure you are excited about your progress, confident in your program and ready to embrace the next step in the process.