A few kind words

"My experience of Kinesiology and Reiki at Soul Flourish has been in learning that it’s an incredible tool for managing my stress. Every month I walk into Mandy’s room a bit ungrounded and drained and walk out, without fail, with a clear head, some impactful ‘downloaded’ steps for the next direction for my business and a whole lot less fatigue. I am loving seeing Mandy and quite blown away by the impact of kinesiology!"


"Mandy is wonderful. Her experience, guidance and skills are allowing me to work through and process highly stressful and emotionally challenging times keeping my body, mind and soul in harmony.  Finding peace and alignment after each session we have together is so valuable. Mandy offers a sanctuary to address a stressful body and mind to bring it back to a calm and balanced state each time. The body never lies and Mandy's kinesiology sessions are amazing at pinpointing the stressors in life. Thank you Mandy. I am recommending you to everyone."


"The way that Mandy blends the traditional kinesiology treatment with Reiki healing has further enhanced the healing benefits of our sessions and helps me to target and shift the blockages from my body in the form of self limiting beliefs and fear.  I come away from my sessions with Mandy knowing that I will see improvement in the following days and I would highly recommend her and have done to all of my friends and family.  If you are seeking an amazing practitioner to help you process past traumas in your life, I highly recommend you make an appointment with Mandy! She is exceptional!"


"I have only had a few sessions with Mandy with Kinesiology, but I have really benefited from the experience. In every session with Mandy, she has guided me through thought processes to deal with situations in life. With her holistic attitude and approach, warm personality I always leave a session feeling positive. Look forward to the next session. Thank you Mandy."


"I absolutely love my sessions with Mandy! I find her combination of kinesiology and reiki so relaxing and rejuvenating. I find it helps me work through “stuff” and then reset ready to move forward with my life. "


“For someone who is intrinsically drawn to 'connections', be it spiritual, natural, human or energies...I was instantly drawn to you without even knowing what Kinesiology is!!  and I am soooo glad I did. It's been 6 months that I started my kinesiology sessions with you and it has been a much needed cherry on the top kinda situation for me… I still can't believe some of the 'medical issues' I have had since I was 12 years old have completely gone!!!!  And I am still in awe with the difference I have felt in my coping mechanisms... definitely my go to Self-Care activity now!  Thanks heaps again Mandy... I so look forward to our Saturday sessions.  Lastly, I highly highly and highly recommend Kinesiology with Mandy.”


"I was a little skeptical at first around what kinesiology was and how it could help me, but Mandy is so incredibly knowledgeable and patient. I find myself looking forward to my appointments because I know and understand how much better it makes me feel and how much I need to focus on myself sometimes."


“I have had 5 sessions of Kinesiology with Mandy. I will continue to have more sessions as Mandy is very calm and caring and she made me feel very comfortable. I always feel like something has shifted and I feel lighter after my sessions. I have hormonal issues and Chronic Fatigue and I feel these sessions are really helping and I always look forward to my sessions. I highly recommend Mandy for Kinesiology; it really is amazing and so is she.”


“Highly recommend seeing Mandy … I’ve had 3 people comment on my positive and light energy since last week! I’ve also already had improvements with my gut and digestion, which came up as an area that needed focus during my session. Can’t thank you enough Mandy and can’t wait to see you again.”


“Mandy's positivity, humour and care has made me open to what kinesiology has to offer. Although I still have a way to go, I have found surprising benefits with this treatment in reducing hormonal and stress symptoms, including some immediate pain relief.”