"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

Helen Keller

Flourish in February

Inspiring you to reset and revitalise by nourishing your body and soul.

When trapped in the chaos and busyness of life, you can become caught up in a whirl of activity and lose track of who you are and what you want in life.  You are the parent, the employee, the partner, the cleaner, the cook, the chauffeur.  Wearing many hats, but none of them your own.

The healthy habits you had when life was ‘easier’ are now a distant memory and you now find collapsing on the couch, skipping meals or turning to those ‘quick fix’ meal options so appealing.  The weight has crept on, you feel bloated and lethargic and you are simply left wondering how you got to this point.

Through my Flourish in February program, I can help you to reconnect to your authentic self, rediscover what healthy eating looks like and find simple ways to care for yourself and bring movement back into your daily life.  This online group program is designed to help you create healthy sustainable lifestyle habits, so you can naturally enhance your well-being and kickstart 2022 with energy and enthusiasm.

What's covered

Week 1 – Alignment: Gain clarity around your values, priorities and goals.

Week 2 – Nourish: Create new practices and behaviours to move and nourish your body.

Week 3 – Nurture: Develop beneficial habits to be kind to yourself.

Week 4 - Stress management: Establish strategies to reduce the inhibiting effects of stress.

PLUS daily actions to help nourish your body and soul.

What's included

Personal access to private Facebook community

Pilates mat classes delivered online into the group once per week via Facebook live

BONUS short Pilates videos

Kinesiology tips to help you feel calm

Guided meditation and mindfulness strategies

Workout videos

Workbook with tools and activities to help you reach your goals

Nourishment e-book

Stress management e-book

My passion for all things health and wellbeing is contagious, so I will be your own personal cheer squad for motivation, drive and inspiration.


Commences on Tuesday 1st February 2022 and will run for the calendar month of February (28 days).

Prep starts on Thursday 27th January 2022

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $59 per person (ends Wednesday 26th January 2022)

Regular price $79 per person


Important information

You will require access to Facebook to be able to take part in this online group program.

Virtual mat Pilates classes and workout videos will be at the beginner/intermediate level and are designed to suit most clients, with modifications and progressions to the exercises provided throughout the class.  However, the classes are generally not suitable if you are pregnant or suffer from any serious injuries or physical conditions.  If you are unsure whether you can undertake a class, please consult your doctor or contact me to discuss further.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Are you living in a blur of busyness with your foot always on the accelerator? Do you feel mentally and physically drained, living life on autopilot as you move further away from who you truly are?  Are you constantly striving for perfection, struggling to meet your own high expectations and self-imposed demands?

Why don’t you take a moment to feel how it would be if you had confidence in your abilities, high self-esteem and felt secure in your decision making.  Think about what you would achieve, the relationships you would strengthen, no longer racing through life feeling manic and exhausted.

How would you feel if you reclaimed your power, developing a balanced lifestyle where you re-discover your vitality, feel grounded, resilient and in control of your life?  If you were empowered with knowledge to consistently create healthy sustainable lifestyle habits where you can live your life with more happiness, flow and simplicity.

Now is the time to rise above your fears and insecurities, make choices which naturally enhance your well-being and feel content with who you are and the life you are living.

You are worth it.  You can feel fulfilled.  You deserve to thrive.  Let’s do this!

Check out how my health coaching can help you below!


A few kind words

"Mandy has a kind, compassionate and gentle manner which made me feel relaxed from the outset. I really enjoy her flexibility and ability to adapt sessions to meet my needs. She consistently spends time listening and reflecting and responds with support and practical strategies. I look forward to our sessions and feel secure and comforted knowing I have Mandy's skills and expertise supporting me on my recovery." 


"Mandy has been amazing so far - she customises her sessions to suit my needs and is always so positive, encouraging and full of surprising knowledge that I love. Mandy has a great way of helping me set goals that are achievable for my lifestyle and is overall such an inspiration." 


"The program assisted my well-being by taking a moment out to reconnect with my mind and body and remember how important it is to do this. The THRIVE wellness program gave me the platform to do this and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I would definitely recommend this program to anyone  - you are an amazing person Mandy and I’m grateful to have done this with you."