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Helping you to reduce stress and build emotional resilience.

Stress presents itself differently in everyone and its impact is often underestimated or ignored.  Without any strategies in place to manage your stress or clear stress from your body, persistent or excessive stress can reduce your ability to perform effectively, think clearly and enjoy your life.  Stress can amplify your reliance on sugar, salt, caffeine or alcohol, with the emotional and physical fall out of these coping strategies being substantial.

Bringing together a blend of Kinesiology, Reiki and a wealth of life experience I can help you to understand what stress looks like for you, whilst bringing your body back into a calm and balanced state.  Kinesiology digs deeper and looks beyond your symptoms to address the underlying cause, so you can start releasing the impact stress is having on your health, relationships and career.

All you need to get started is an open mind, trust and the desire to create change.

Mandy of Soul Flourish

About me

Hello! I'm Mandy Neller and I am a Kinesiologist based in Adelaide, South Australia.  Kinesiology hasn’t always been on my radar, so when I eventually gave it a try I was literally blown away at how incredible this modality was.  I experienced immediate results in reducing symptoms of chronic stress, whilst also gaining an insight into how my emotions and belief systems may be impacting my health.  Fast forward a few years and a few life lessons, I embarked on a career as a Kinesiologist!

I pride myself on remaining aligned with my values of authenticity, integrity and honesty during our sessions together.  I have an optimistic spirit and my passion for all things well-being is contagious, creating a positive and uplifting space to facilitate the healing process.


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